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Credit Orgy.

The Word - Bleep!

Broken - Lifehouse

I love this song...

75,000 thousand people today...

were at the rally in Oregon.  Biggest rally for him in his campaign so far!

I could stay here drowning in the rain
Unless you have the strength to save me
Nothing's going to change...
Either you're gonna rescue me
Or you're gonna be the death of me


Call me a sucker...

but I really couldn't resist this deal.  The Obama website has an offer if you donate 15 dollars by the 30th you can get a 5" bumper magnet for your car.  The thing is so handsome and prideful, I just couldn't say no.

In other news, I just finished my midterm for Organizational Behavior, and after studying for 12 hours yesterday, I feel pretty dang happy with my exam.  It was 50 multiple choice, 17 matching answers and 2 essay questions.  With all the studying I had to do, I was prepared to answer a lot of short answer questions, but when I realized that it was mostly multiple choice, I had an easy time with it.  Matching was great because it had the clue and the term, and all I had to do was know the vocab, which was pretty straight forward... you can't mix up self efficacy theory and variable pay schedules... you would have to be out of your mind!  We shall see what I get on it.  I'm thinking I did well though. 

Time for me to look at my articles for my business project, tootles.

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

Happy song.  :-)