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I had a fairly good day today, despite the fact I worked most of the day.  I bounced around work, and actually was quite chatty.  I like it when I have days like that... seems to carry throughout the rest of the day into the evening.  Now I'm just trying to settle down and relax for the evening.

I had a really nice text chat with my sister today, probably the longest we have talked in a while.  I really miss that.  I hope the doctor's figure out her whole headache thing.  It really doesn't sound like a fun thing to be going through..

Oh, just when we thought the whole flea thing was over... Heidi, Matt's cat, got a tapeworm.  It didn't happen at the height of the flea problem we had, but at the very end... go figure.  We bought her some medicine and it should get better, it was just gross finding the eggs in the places that she was sleeping (that was how I learned that she was having a problem... other than the fact that she has been throwing up). 

On top of that, we have ants in our small bathroom.  They just randomly showed up yesterday.  We sprayed the bathroom with Raid, and so far so good.  I really didn't expect that our apartment would get ants since we aren't even the main level, but I guess stranger things have happened.  I can't imagine what it would be like on the bottom floor.  After the last apartment and the ant problem we had, I really find ants digusting.  I would like to see someone that doesn't think that wake up with about 100 ants in their bed and say they aren't horrible. 

I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker today... I told him that I feel more of a person when I am actually working and contributing than if I didn't have a job.  Naturally, he thought I was crazy for feeling that way.  He thought that he hobbies defined him and what he does when he isn't working.  We morphed the conversation into "needing the job" versus "wanting the job."  I personally like jobs where I feel like I'm working with the machine... where I feel like what I am doing contributes to the greater good.  I like working in jobs where I can be creative... oh, and I looooove working with food.  I "want" a job that will do that for me.  I feel like I work with a bunch of people that "need" that job... that this is what their life has come to, and that makes me want to puke.  Yes, I have a job, but I am not going to let it be my end all.  I want a job that will broadcast my talents and make me come alive.  That same co-worker of mine has a passion in beer making and applied to jobs at breweries for fun... got offered a job at one and turned it down because he wasn't going to make as much to be able to pay the bills... I never want to be in that position.  If a job comes up that deals with my passions/dreams/desires pops up, I want to be able to take it.  I don't want to be stuck.  That same co-worker mocks me because I like working, but when he would learn what it feels like to actually look forward to work every day and get paid for something that he would actually enjoy... gah.  I want to take the job that makes me happy.  Moral of the story.

I think that sums up my ramblings for today.  I work again tomorrow so I probably should catch a few hours of sleep.